Converting MangoBlog to W...

This post will be updated along the way from a Mango Blog to WordPress instance. It seems it's so much harder to stay on Mang
August 18, 2014     No Comments
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Plugin: Conference Badge ...

As an example for my presentation, I created a MangoBlog Plugin for conference participants to add to their Mango Blog Side b
October 22, 2013     No Comments
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CFCamp 2013: Presentation...

Just returned from my trip to CFCamp 2013. If you ever wondered if you should take part in the European Coldfusion conference
October 22, 2013     1 Comment
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CNN: Raspberry Pi: An ARM...

Plugin the monitor, mouse and keyboard via USB, plugin the SD card with operating system and software and boot it up...  The
December 03, 2012     No Comments
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NCDevCon: A Beginner's Gu...

Updated: July 18, 2012: This week I received notice that a talk on the same topic has again been accepted for this year's NC
July 17, 2012     2 Comments
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YouTube Plugin for MangoB...

Seb Dunggan's YouTube plugin version 1.1. has served me and other MangoBlog users very well. Today, however, I had the need t
February 08, 2012     No Comments
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Some very nice comments o...

From Bethann Kassman, Go Beyond Network:!/GoBeyondNet/status/113415483574861824   Jean Lotz, AAUW So
September 13, 2011     No Comments
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#NCDevCon On Load Testing

The #NCDevcon Team has put together a fantastic conference with over 40 session, 4 of which are Hands-On, and a very divers g
August 19, 2011     1 Comment
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How I got started in Cold...

Following the call for a How I got started in Coldfusion by Steve Bryant, I came to reflect upon the last 12 years of my Cold
August 01, 2011     No Comments
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idxAmazon Mango Blog Plug...

We are very happy to finally release the first basic version of our idxAmazon Mangoblog plugin. It's for all users that publi
May 05, 2011     No Comments
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Embed The Rest of the Wor...

Two weeks ago I found out about and learned more about it's using while testing the WordPress Plugin for NFN4Good me
April 25, 2011     6 Comments
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Test Report: Online Tools...

Don't you love how some website display PDFs stored on their website like books the flip pages right there in the screen and
April 21, 2011     No Comments
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Starting a list. - Mango ...

Upgrading from 1.5 to 1.6 through a few little curve balls. Most of them time I notice I am not able to deal with them immedi
March 01, 2011     No Comments
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Featured: At Mission Cont...

Customfields determine the 'feature' properties:postisSticky = yes | featureImage = FullPath to image (allows for outside ima
March 01, 2011     No Comments
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Theme in the Making: Jour...

Mike Henke has created a adoption of Chris Pearson's Journal Crunch Theme for his own blog: A few thing
February 28, 2011     2 Comments
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idxAmazon plugin

Working on a plugin of MangoBlog to add Amazon Affiliate links to posts & pages. It's going to be my first plugin. This p
February 06, 2011     No Comments
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Welcome to the new versio...

We are still working on getting everything set-up. Pardon the dust. You can subscribe to our RSS feed to get updates from thi
December 29, 2010     1 Comment
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