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We are very happy to have unveil our free service for friends, customers and others: Create your own QR Codes. It's important to be able to select from various formats to make the QR code as user-friendly as possible. Huge Thanks go to Shawn McCran, @ShaunMccran, who created the used QRcfc and provided a very comprehensive form to enter the right data for QR codes. You can read more on his blog.

Drop a note, with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions! And let us know how you use QR codes for your way to connect the offline world with the online world!

Make sure you create a QR code in the right format to ensure a good user experience for mostly mobile users. Click on the particular link and a form to enter a few data will appear. Then you need to click on the "Create QR Code" button, and your QR Code image will display below the form.
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