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February 6, 2011 by     No Comments
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Working on a plugin of MangoBlog to add Amazon Affiliate links to posts & pages. It's going to be my first plugin. This post will be updated throughout the process. It's a bit delayed as I am not able to get a good reading on the error messages even with the LogViewer... More to come in a bit.. 

I added a Book recommendation to this post to see it in action. 

The newest book by Ken Robinson, who has dedicate his life to education and demands a revolution in education to prepare our kids for the 21st Century. At the moment, what we are doing in school doesn't seem to work anymore. I do question, that it ever worked. But never the less, it's about kids and finding the right learning environment for each indiviadual kid. 

We are in beta-version with it. You can try it: Any feedback would be appreciated. 

We have it installed in production on one site: Here is an example: One River by Wade Davis


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