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NCDevCon.comThe #NCDevcon Team has put together a fantastic conference with over 40 session, 4 of which are Hands-On, and a very divers group of speakers and topics!

Here are the most essential links:


Speakers & Topics

My talk at NCDevCon will take place on Septermber 18, 2010 at 10am

Beginners' Guide to Coldfusion Application Load Testing

Now you have finished your site and someone asked you the question: How many users can we serve before we need more power and muscle on our server environment? Good question! And if you don't know how to find that out, how to measure it, and find the bottle necks, come to this session. You’ll find out how to get started and learn more about tools for Coldfusion application load testing and how to use them.


  • What I mean when I talk about load testing.
  • Measuring Tools For Coldfusion Apps - Quick Review
  • How to create traffic - JMeter to the Rescue
  • Create Scenarios & Review Reports, Analyze Behavior
  • Tweak & Repeat



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