Theme in the Making: Journal Crunch

February 28, 2011 by     2 Comments
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Mike Henke has created a adoption of Chris Pearson's Journal Crunch Theme for his own blog:

A few things were hard coded and I tried to make it a bit more inline with the philosophy of Mangoblog to have no cfcode within the themes files. I only succeeded that far... here is the ZipFile if you want to give it a trial.

Note: It needs Mangoblog version 1.6 - not sure why, but that's the plattform on which I worked on. Turns out it blocked my 1.5 installation and I had to get it unstuck on my development machine. So be careful. 

It uses Custom Fields to separate the featured posts on top from the rest of the list of posts. 

It doesn't entirely follow the philosophy of no CF in theme files: uses a few functions to deal with the standard image as well as the unformated text for the teaser. 

It auto-detects the image in the post and resizes it for the front page. 


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  • Mike Henke

    Thanks for your hard work. I'll create a branch and put these changes in

  • Birgit Pauli-Haack

    @ Mike Thanks - will catch up with you on github later this week.

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